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Darrell Kehler - Northern MB - Moose

Location: Northern MB

Hunter: Darrell Kehler

Date: Oct 1, 2016

Official score: 205 1/8

Caliber: .308 Win,  Federal 165 grain Trophy Bonded Tip

80 yard shot


We flew in and then used an inflatable boat to get around our lake.  We experienced a lot of wind, rain and snow which limited the amount of good hunting weather. 

I was hunting with two great friends, including Greg with whom I’ve hunt for 30 years.  It was early evening when we made our way up to a rock ledge.  We were enjoying the beautiful scenery and calling for about two hours when this bull responded, about five minutes after our last set of calls.  He came in  grunting and hitting brush.  He came in fast as if on a string.  I had to try hard to focus on my shot and not the rack.  At 80 yards he stopped for a clear broadside shot.  

With an official score of 205 1/8, this bull is being entered into the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association (MBGTA) and the Boone & Crocket Club record books.  60 3/8 inches wide.  It was a hunt of a lifetime! 

He’s the biggest animal I have ever dreamt to harvest - a lifetime memory with great friends in God’s marvelous creation!  Words cannot describe that great memory...



Greg L - Northern MB - Moose

Location: Northern MB

Hunter: Greg L of Southern MB

Date: Sept 28, 2015

1st moose ever taken = 39"

Caliber: 300 Win Mag

Distance: 20-25 yards

Tactics: Fly in lake location, Zodiac Boat, and calling from high clear points on the lake or the ridge lines.The day started with scouting and calling form a variety of lake shore and ridge locations. As the mid-day approached we decided to check out the opposite side of the lake and climb to a bit higher ground. When we arrived on the shore line a call could be heard coming off a low swamp, but back in the timber. A quick recon of the ridge line would not provide a clear vantage so we moved into the edge of the swamp. At the second call a bull grunted in response. Our first visual was from about 150 yards away and he was a young one, yet determined to make his way over. He skirted the swamp and presented brief visuals every so often. He was seen at 150 yards, then 85 yards, 40 yards and lastly he presented a clear broadside shot at under 25 yards. The shot was good, he traveled about 70 yards before expiring. And this brought him with 100 yards of the Zodiac. So excited to harvest a bull in this great country of ours. The trip was so good that there will be more in the future. So many great memories of this hunt, with great friends and wonderful tasting meat as the reward for the efforts put in. Plus a rack that brings back those memories every time it is seen!


 Micheline and Dan Malo - Lac du Bonnet - Northern Pike

Winter 2014

What a special day this was. It was just us and the our boys. We were there all day trying to catch big Pike. After catching several big ones we were so amazed to see this huge face at the entrance of the hole! It measured 44 3/4 inches. 


Serge Malo - 2 years old - Lac du Bonnet - Walleye 

Serge started off his fishing career at the age of 2. After practicing catching logs with his new fishing rod, he was able to pull out this beauty! His first fish! What a surprise it was to him. What a champ! 


Dan Malo - Location: Top Secret! - Moose

Fall of 2014

This was a supposed to be an overnight scouting trip that my godson Riel, a good friend of mine Dennis and I went on. We went out to see if there was any moose sign in a new area we wanted to hunt. Turns out there was! We shot this guy over a mile away from camp and after 15 hours of packing meat, and a day late we made it out. Best hunting trip of my life! He measures 42 1/8.


Luc (8), Patrick (5) and Justin Malo (3) - St-Pierre-Jolys - Jack Rabbit

During the fall of 2013, Jack Rabbit hunting was almost a daily event in our back yard. Even though this rabbit was taken by papa, it was definitely a group effort!